At Takshila, we strongly believe that real growth can happen only if we grow along with our surroundings. To ensure this, Takshila has been modeled as a community-centric hub that contributes its resources towards the development of the society. This is achieved through a diversified four-fold process:

  • Mornings at Takshila are devoted to the pursuit of teaching and learning for its learners.
  • Takshila afternoons are reserved for in-house teacher’s training for their continuous development.
  • In the evening, Takshila’s facilities are offered for constructive use to the community. Resources like the computer facility and the library are used by the community for the purposes of skilling themselves. The open air auditorium of the school comes alive with workshops for theater, music and dance.
  • Takshila plays a proactive role in nurturing and protecting the environment. To achieve this, Takshila School has been developed as an environment friendly space, and conducts regular workshops and seminars for spreading ecological awareness.