At Takshila, we understand the changing needs and paradigms of school education. Our outlook and objectives are based on the following observations:

  • Today, we believe that the kind of professions and industries that will exist twenty years from now, are not even imaginable for us. Therefore, it becomes important that we equip our learners with the skill-set and capabilities that will ensure that their approach is that of a lifelong learner, as that is what will enable them to be self-reliant and contribute towards the growth of the society as a whole.
  • The teacher today is not here to teach but to facilitate learning in a way that she/he ignites the learners’ mind and motivates them to reach their true potential; the real aim of education being to enable learners to fulfill their potential - be it social, intellectual, academic, sporting or cultural. Hence ensuring that they are not only economically marketable but also dwell in that inner peace which comes from having found that one thing for which they have an aptitude.
  • With the advance in technology and media, the knowledge resources available to us today are colossal. Books are no more the only source of knowledge. Our real challenge today, lies in equipping children with the skills that will enable them to filter the relevant information out of all data that is made available at a mere click of a button.
  • The children of today are a multi-tasking generation with a wide exposure to Internet and multimedia devices. To maintain the attention span of this restless generation with a constant barrage of information in the lecture mode is next to impossible. The information transfer process has to be done cleverly and effectively through the medium of their choice and interest.

At Takshila, the objective is on making learning an engaging process. This has been done through the following action plan:

  • The schools are learner-centric with a skill-based approach towards learning.
  • The traditional and unscientific method of rote-learning has been replaced by an effective learning method which is application-based.
  • We believe in preserving the rich traditions and cultures of the Indian heritage and at the same time have adopted the most scientific and technologically advanced learning system for our schools.
  • Takshila has adopted a unique learning system, called E-DAC that has been developed at our own R&D facility. It is an interactive system where experiential learning is the prime focus.
  • The role of recreation and games in promoting learning has been examined, followed by a study of the debriefing process and its relationship to reflection. The games have been smoothly and efficiently integrated into the lesson plans to ensure enhanced learning. They provide an entertaining way to take in information that is effective and interactive, and not static or prejudiced.
  • The learning system at Takshila also offers its learners ample opportunities for activities and projects that not only lead to discovery learning but also builds the self-esteem and confidence of the learners.
  • Our pedagogical processes are aimed at building learners with a flexibility of mind and intellectual curiosity, which can think critically and logically, approach matters with and intent to experiment and build, synthesize and bring a change.
  • Our disciplinary systems aim to make our learners develop a preference for self-discipline over imposed discipline.
  • Our curriculum integrates values such as responsibility, honesty, courage, loyalty, tolerance and respect for others which are the building blocks of a stable society.

To conclude, we aim to equip our learners for life.