National level Skill building Academic Diagnostic Test

Educomp-INSIGHT is a scientifically designed skill based assessment system developed by Educomp Solutions Limited. It identifies the student’s potential, and inspires and nurtures him/her to excel. The system focuses on assisting the students in achieving success in their chosen field through a series of assessments.

The assessment system helps in identifying the academic competency in related areas, helps a child to choose the right stream and subject, and develop skills mapped to the specific vocational stream.

It provides a complete package solution for a student. The student is assessed at each stage for retention, comprehension and identification under knowledge. Skills are assessed for assimilation, observation, interpretation, categorisation, data handling, computational skills, etc. Assessment of listening skill can also be assessed by Educomp-INSIGHT assessment.

Educomp-INSIGHT is a well structured system to be implemented in three phases:

1. The Inspire stage

2. The Nurture stage

3. The Excel stage

The Inspire stage- This stage includes students from class 3 ─ 6. The objective of assessment at this stage is to arouse the interest of the students in various subjects. The endeavor at this stage is to motivate them to learn.

The Nurture stage- This stage includes students from class 7 ─ 10. The assessment at this stage comprises of subject ability tests and personal aptitude tests. The objective of assessment at this stage is the consolidation of concepts.

The Excel stage- This stage is for students of class 11 and 12. The assessment at this stage assists the students to excel in their chosen field. It helps the students to excel in board exams, and the entrance tests of their preferred vocational colleges.

Some FAQs

Why do we need to assess?

  • To find out what students know, do not know, do not understand and cannot do
  • To improve students’ learning
  • To measure the achievement of students
  • To motivate students
  • To give useful feedback on the teaching-learning process
  • To have knowledge of student learning for planning and structuring teaching
  • To carry out curriculum evaluation and refinement

What is academic assessment/remediation?

Subject syllabus as per grade is to be imparted to students in the class. The learning of the previous grade forms the basis for the learning of the next grade. Hence, it is important that a student acquires knowledge and skills of previous stage to become an effective recipient for the next stage. If there are leaning gaps at the end of one stage, these gaps will give rise to bigger learning gaps in next stage. These learning gaps will keep increasing with each grade if not filled at the correct time.

In order to ensure that students have achieved the desired learning level at the end of each class, there is a need to assess the progress of each student to see if the intended knowledge and the skills have been acquired by him/her and thus, the requirement of an assessment system. The assessment is needed to evaluate and provide credible feedback on the extent to which the capabilities of the student has developed and to identify the learning gaps at each stage of learning.

Why is it required?

A well designed assessment and feedback will improve the learning process of a student and the scientifically designed remediation will enable a student to plug in the learning gaps.

The existing system in schools concentrates on imparting knowledge, and flooding the child with information. No care is being taken to develop and assess the basic and higher order thinking skills of a child during the course of his learning. With the result, when a student faces competitive exams where these skills are being tested, the student is not able to crack these tests.

What are the benefits to school, parents, students and teachers

For Students:

  • To know their real educational capabilities.
  • To understand their individual academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • To get a personalized feedback of their results with easy-to-implement ways to improve.
  • To compare their performance nationally with students of the same class and age level who take the test.
  • To understand their aptitude and give guidance for suitable career paths.
  • Identify the streams and subjects most suitable for them
  • Each student who writes the Educomp-INSIGHT assessment test receives a report that describes their achievements on the test, which help the teachers and the parents in supporting student learning.

For Teachers & Counselors:

  • To know their students' performance capabilities a series of Formative and Summative Assessments. (Optional)
  • To understand their students' cognitive and behavioral aspects.
  • To evaluate class performance in different subjects.
  • Provide remediation to students as per their performance capabilities. (Optional)
  • Identify weak students who need remediation.
  • Help them to succeed in national and international level exams.
  • Counsel students based on their aptitude and potential.
  • Guide students in choosing the right subjects and career.

For Parents:

  • Increase the understanding of their child’s aptitude, attitude and ability.
  • See their child's academic level as compared to other students at the national level.
  • Identify his/her areas of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understand their child's true potential.
  • Guide and motivate the child better.
  • Help the child choose the right subjects and an appropriate career path.
  • Help them succeed in their careers.
  • Gets an objective assessment of their child’s achievement relative to regional and national standard.
  • It is important to track children’s progress continuously throughout their schooling.

For Schools:

  • Provide a scientific student guidance service.
  • Evaluate and compare teachers' performance individually and class-wise.
  • Compare the schools’ class-wise performance with other CBSE schools.
  • Identify the class' weakness in particular subject areas.
  • Choose course material wisely and correctly.
  • Get guidance and counseling services for choosing suitable careers for students.
  • Help them succeed in their careers.
  • Educomp-INSIGHT assessment test is a catalyst .It will make teacher more aware of curriculum. We help student to be better learner.
  • Educomp-INSIGHT assessment will prove to be tremendous tools for refining teaching practices. Assessment allows us to test what are we teaching, what are the student learning, where are the learning gaps and where student needs support.

What are the deliverables from Educomp?

  • Each student who takes the assessment receives a comprehensive feedback highlighting his/her areas of strengths and the areas that need improvements. The learning gaps are identified and a structured learning plan is provided to bridge those gaps.
  • The students are given a comparative feedback which compares their performance within their school and across the other schools in their state. The students are able to make an appropriate subject choice, thus taking the first step towards choosing the right vocation.
  • Career guidance workshops and counseling sessions further assist them in making right career choices.

What is the implementation model?

  • Conduct pre-assessment based on the syllabus of previous class at the beginning of an academic session.
  • Generate feedback for each student
  • After completion of each concept taught, FAs are given to the students and the same are evaluated in a timely manner.
  • CCEs are handed over to the students as per their performance
  • The cycle goes on till the end of each academic year.
  • At the end of each academic session Post Assessment is conducted.
  • The feedback is generated to bring out the comparative improvements.